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I'm an aspiring makeup artist from Sydney. This one time Lyn-Z of Mindless Self Indulgence hugged me and told me I smelled nice.

Q: It seems as if the introduction of viewpoint chapters for the “villains” are intended to humanize them, or at least make them somewhat sympathetic. That seems to have not been the case with the recent Circe [sic] chapters where we learn that her actions weren’t driven by her resentment over being a woman in a man’s game, but rather over fear of a prophecy. To me it seemed like you were letting us into her head only to make her less likeable. What was your expectation for her chapters and how do you feel that your approach to her character differed from the way you’ve treated the more redemptive POVs of Jaime and Tyrion?

A: I don’t concern myself over whether my characters are “likeable” or “sympathetic.” (I had my fill of that in television). My interest is in trying to make them real and human. If I can create a fully-fleshed three-dimensional character, some of my readers will like him/ her, or some won’t, and that’s fine with me. That’s the way real people react to real people in the real world, after all. Look at the range of opinions we get on politicans and movie stars. If EVERYONE likes a certain character, or hates him, that probably means he’s made of cardboard. So I will let my readers decide who they like, admire, hate, pity, sympathize with, etc. The fact that characters like Sansa, Catelyn, Jaime, and Theon provoke such a wide range of reactions suggests to me that I have achieved my goal in making them human.

a fan and George R. R. Martin, Barnes and Noble forums, 4/15/2008

just pointing out, GRRM did not write Jaime’s POV with the intention of making him sympathetic or Cersei with the intention of making her unsympathetic — readers interpret them that way. 

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August 22nd, 2014: Out and about in Melbourne, Australia

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the reason why so many people prefer older men isnt because we have some sort of kink but because we know young teenage boys are a complete fucking disaster that can only be salvaged by the sands of time

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100lb of Magnetic Putty

science side of tumblr, please explain

noot noot

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like when did my anxiety even come back to be this bad though I haven’t had to really deal with this shit in years.

I’m in a constant state of just worrying about everything and I don’t like this I’ve become accustomed to not having to deal with this for like the past 5 years.

I’m SO excited about seeing The Used tomorrow night but my anxiety is so horrible at the though of catching public transport. Motherfucking track work is turning the hour long journey into two hours and what if I get lost???? bah.


im all about having more body posi media but not when the message is “boys like curvy girls” because who fucking cares what boys like

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sebastian stan??? nah what a jerk what a— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of sebastian stan spill out of jacket] w-what  a fuckign asshole i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of sebastian stan scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for chris evans just listen 

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House Lannister | Season 4 Character Portraits [x]

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Idk where to even start with this one

"The white man is oppressed now more than ever."

"The white man is oppressed now more than ever."

"The white man is oppressed now more than ever."

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yo but this says so much about rape when a woman would literally rather be around a murderer than a rapist

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